Qui trovate tutti i reports che abbiamo consultato e trovato come fonti delle nostre ricerche

World Inquality Report 2018
Avere Cura di Noi (Time to Care Italian Summary): Report sulla Disuguaglianza 2020
Time to Care: Inequality Report 2020
MED 2019: Weathering the Storm
July Update: World Economic Outlook 2019
World Economic Outlook 2019: Growth Slowdown, Precarious Recovery
African Economic Outlook 2019
For Every Child, Every Right. Annual Report 2018
World Report 2019 (Event of 2018)
Economic Survey 2019
World Migration Report 2018
Top 10 Global Consumer Trends 2019
Ricompensare il Lavoro, Non la Ricchezza – Davos 2018
Strategic Plan 2018-2021
The State of World Population 2018: The Power of Choice
Population Facts: Migration and Population Change (Dec 2017)
Human Development Indices and Indicators 2018
Global Wealth Report 2018
Development Aid at a Glance 2017
Africa Agriculture Status Report 2018
World Investment Report 2018: Regional Trends
Exploding Africa: Il Perché delle Migrazioni
L’Europa Sottovaluta la Questione Africa_Intervista
World Economic Situation Prospects 2018
African Economic Outlook 2018
Economic Development in Africa: Report 2018
I Padroni della Terra: Rapporto sul Land Grabbing
Reassessing Africa’s Global Partnerships: China and Africa
Literacy Rates Continue To Rise
Africa’s Infrastructure. A Time for Transformation.
Labor 2030: the Collision of Demographics, Automation and Inequality
Africa Investment Index 2018
Africa Investment Review 2018
Development Aid at a Glance 2016
World Economic Outlook. Too Slow for Too Long.
Global Appeal 2018-2019
Congolese Situation: Responding to the Needs of Displaced Congolese and Refugees
Global Wealth Report 2017
International Migration Report 2017
World Population Prospects 2017
Focus on Kenya (Extract from African Economic Outlook 2017)
African Economic Outlook 2017
Income Inequality Trends in sub-Saharan Africa
Out of Africa. Why People Migrate.
Looking Ahead. Charting New Paths for the Meditteranean.
World Population Prospects 2015
The State of World Population 2016
The Africa Prosperity Report 2016
The Africa Competitiveness Report 2017
Socioeconomics Pathways and Regional Distribution of the World’s 101 Largest Cities
Population Dynamics in Post-2015 Development Agenda
Poorer than their Parents? Flat or Falling Incomes in Advanced Economies
Flash Appeal 2017: Kenya
Human Development Report 2015
Greening Africa’s Industrialization: Economic Report on Africa 2016
Global Release 2016
Ending Extreme Poverty: a Focus on Children
Country Programming Framework for Kenya 2014-2017
Global Entrepreneurship Index 2016
Africa Agriculture Status Report 2016
A Child is a Child. Protecting Children on the Move from Violence, Abuse and Exploitation.
World Report 2017 (Events of 2016)
Joint Statement on the Migrant Situation in Lybia
European Union External Investment Plan 2017
Why has Africa Become a Net Food Importer?
The Sustainability of African Migration
The State of African Cities
The Demographic Profile of African Countries
Kenya Vision 2030: the Popular Version
Global Wealth Databook 2016
Africa at a Turning Point? Growth, Aid and External Shocks
A Future that Works: Automation, Employment and Productivity 2017
Lions on the Move II: Realizing the Potential of Africa’s Economies